Many of our clients have at least one injury or limitation when starting with a Personal Trainer.
Not only are you still able to workout, there are exercises and workouts that we can do to help
you get stronger and pain free!

Weight loss is one of the most common goals clients mention when starting with a Personal
Trainer. Your Personal Trainer will create a program that includes the appropriate amount of
resistance and cardiovascular training to maximize your weight loss. The trainer will also make
recommendations for proper nutrition and supplementation to assist with weight loss.

Each session will begin with a quick warm up to prepare the body for exercise. Many of our
trainers like to use quick, simple, and effective warm ups that make it easy for the client to
learn. In fact, we have many clients that arrive early and warm-up on their own so they more
time to exercise with the trainer.

After the warm-up, the trainer will introduce the exercises for the day and explain the correct
form on each movement. The trainer’s role is to create a program that is specific to your goals
and ensure each exercise is performed correctly and safely. In addition, our workouts are
constantly varied, which are not only creative but fun. We routinely have clients mention that
they enjoy working with a trainer because the variety of exercises keeps them motivated.

You will notice after a couple of weeks that you have learned quite a few exercises! Constant
dedication is a key to Personal Training and prepares our clients for future success. You will
notice that your clothes are fitting better, you have more energy, and some of those pesky
aches and pains are gone (especially in the back and neck area). These are all benefits of an
exercise program that is carefully created to meet your goals.

If you are new to exercise, working with a trainer 2-3 times/week is recommended. If possible,
train every other day to allow the body time to rest and heal.

Of course! The Personal Trainers at Battalion Built Personal Training work with clients of all
fitness levels. It is a misconception that only the super-fit work with Personal Trainers. The
exercises selection is based on YOUR fitness level to provide the appropriate workout during
your session with the trainer.

Working with a Personal Trainer ensures the exercises performed are specific to your goals and
executed safely. Our team of Personal Trainers has the knowledge and skills required to work
around injuries and medical conditions that make effective exercise difficult. One-on-One
Personal Training offers a schedule that is flexible and based on your needs.

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